Could not find 'preventArrows' in 'window.Radzen'

Using the DialogService & RadzenDialog components, when presenting a dialog with a dropdown we're getting this error:

Radzen.Blazor.js is loaded with a 200 response. I can't find preventArrows anywhere in the codebase

Unhandled exception rendering component: Could not find 'preventArrows' in 'window.Radzen'.
Error: Could not find 'preventArrows' in 'window.Radzen'.

Make sure you've included the script for Radzen.Blazor:

 <script src="_content/Radzen.Blazor/Radzen.Blazor.js"></script>

It is being loaded with a 200 response code, all of the rest of the controls are working; grids, inline edit etc.

Same happening for me when I update NuGet package to the newer versions. On 2.12.1 version everything working fine, but with like 2.15.3 I get this error message too when I'm using the new Confirm Dialog component and I also trigger it with a dropdown change event (not 100% that is the problem, but for start is good to know, and the script include is also works perfectly). I hope I found a workaround or a fix because I need newer version of the NuGet package where the dropdown autofocus is fixed.

Try to clear your browser cache

Seems like working with cache clear, but now I can open all my disabled dropdown and select the item (and no exception), probably a new bug, yet I don't know its just only for me.

This is something new - fix will be published tomorrow

Okey, Thanks for your help!

Edited: Sorry my mistake...ignore this

I get the same error even when I am not interacting with application.

I get this error with anything that's not text or numeric. For example, Drop downs:

<RadzenDataGridColumn TItem="Puppy_Trick" Property="TrainerName" Title="Trainer">
<Template Context="trick">
<RadzenDropDown TValue="int" Data=@Trainers TextProperty="TrainerName"
ValueProperty="ID" Value="@trick.TrainerID"/>

Clearing the browser cache did not work for me.