Converting RadzenTextBox to Uppercase

Is it possible to automatically convert the text to be uppercase when losing focus on a radzentextbox field via code? Or always have the text be uppercase when being input?

Hi @dmarsh12,

You can use the Change event of the textbox to convert the property it is bound to upper-case.

<RadzenTextBox @bind-Value=@value Change=@OnChange />

@code {
    string value;

    void OnChange(string value)
        this.value = value.ToUpper();

Yes, this I can definitely do but I was hoping for a more "generic" way of doing it. I don't want to have to hardcode all of my properties just to be capitalized. Is there any other ways for going about this?

No. This is as generic as it gets.

Couldn't it have a property in the component to make it easier?

<RadzenTextBox @bind-Value="" MaxLength="70" TextTransform="Uppercase" />


And this property would also affect the component's style in the interface.

Value and style would be affected.

the text transform is purely cosmetic whereas I would need it to bind as uppercase

Will Radzen have an implementation on the text components to link the value as uppercase?