Controller get is missing partial class

I notice that the generated controllers are missing a partial class for the SIngleResult Getxxx method. The partial classes are a great feature, can this be added?

    public IEnumerable<Models.Schools01Db.Test> GetTests()
      var items = this.context.Tests.AsQueryable<Models.Schools01Db.Test>();
      this.OnTestsRead(ref items);

      return items;

    partial void OnTestsRead(ref IQueryable<Models.Schools01Db.Test> items);

    public SingleResult<Test> GetTest([FromODataUri] Int64 keytenant_id,[FromODataUri] Int64 keyuid)
        var items = this.context.Tests.Where(i=>i.tenant_id == keytenant_id && i.uid == keyuid);
        return SingleResult.Create(items);

Sure! We will add partial method in the next update early next week!

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