ContextMenuService.OnClose -> Can ' t Capture Action

Good morning.
I am experimenting with the .

I would like to know when I have an open menu in order to disable for example the tooltips.

For this I have associated the actions of the ContextMenuService:

ContextMenuService.OnClose += ContextMenu_OnClose;
ContextMenuService.OnOpen += ContextMenu_OnOpen;

void ContextMenu_OnClose()

    void ContextMenu_OnOpen(MouseEventArgs args, ContextMenu_OnOpen(MouseEventArgs args, ContextMenuOptions options).

The problem comes when I right click and the context menu pops up, it fires OnOpen correctly, when I don't choose any option and click on any other place the context menu hides but it doesn't fire the OnClose.

Do you know how to capture this action ?

Best regards and thanks for everything

It will be part of our next update early next week: