ContextMenu not visible

I have implemented the ContextMenu as per the documentation and when I click on the on my Radzen control the ShowContextMenuWithItems method successfully get's called.

void ShowContextMenuWithItems(MouseEventArgs args)
        new List<ContextMenuItem> {
            new ContextMenuItem(){ Text = "Context menu item 1", Value = 1 },
            new ContextMenuItem(){ Text = "Context menu item 2", Value = 2 },
            new ContextMenuItem(){ Text = "Context menu item 3", Value = 3 },
            }, OnMenuItemClick);

void OnMenuItemClick(MenuItemEventArgs args) {... }

However nothing is displayed when _contextMenuService.Open(...) is called. And OnMenuItemClick(...) is not invoked either.

There are no errors displayed in the EventConsole.

Is there something specific I need to do to ensure the ContextMenu is visible, or something I need to check that might be preventing it from being displayed?

Make sure RadzenContextMenu is added to your main layout:

I had already added it to my main layout.
However I have just notice the following error in the browser console:

GET https://localhost:44342/_content/Blazored.Modal/blazored.modal.js net::ERR_ABORTED 404

This JS file isn't related to Radzen.Blazor though. Check why it returns 404 and also make sure the Radzen JS file is included as well.

OK, I've managed to get it working.
I needed to add:

<RadzenContextMenu />

to the MainLayout.razor

It was a case of RTFM!