ContextMenu for RadzenTree issues

The Change event in the RadzenTree component works well. However, I can't see why the corresponding right-click event handled by ContextMenu doesn't provide the same functionality. Supplying mouse arguments for a right click on a tree node seems pretty senseless, unless they're given as secondary attributes. What's really needed are Radzen.TreeEventArgs, not MouseEventArgs, to get the node right-clicked on. Am I missing something?

Yes, the requested capability is not implemented. The RadzenTree currently uses the default implementation shared between all Radzen Blazor components.

I have a similar problem: how can I find out the name of the Radzen Tree Item, that was right-clicked on?

ContextMenu for RadzenDataGrid works differently from RadzenTree. When I right click a row in a DataGrid, the row is selected first and then we get a ContextMenu for selected row. In a RadzenTree, when I right click a TreeItem, the selected Item does not change and the ContextMenu is shown for previously selected item. Is there any way I can "force" right click to select TreeItem before contextmenu popup?