ContextMenu component issues

Hello everyone, I was wondering if ContextMenu component is compatible with both blazor server and web assembly. I've created a new project and copied the code from ContextMenu documentation, but only server side code worked as expected. I've debugged web assembly code and found out that onClick event is called after openContextMenu function and event handler closes the context menu just after it appears on the screen. On server side app this event is triggered before openContextMenu so it does not close the context menu. It is strange because all the other components work fine on web assembly app. Maybe someone else had this issue and found a solution?

Might be related to the issue I'm facing. Due to the fact i could not upload an example project here as a new user, I opened up a bug report:

I've fixed the problem and the fix will be part of our next update.

Wow that was quick. Thanks for solving it. Do you happen to know when this next update becomes available?

I’ll publish it later today

BTW you now don't have to wait for a nuget release. You can pull the source and reference the Radzen.Blazor.csproj in your application.

That's great news. Thanks!

I know, that was my other option. But since a release is expected later today, I can wait for that.

Version 3.0.1 fixes my problem. Thanks!