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hello radzen team

I just wrote you this message in order to deduce a small problem that I have when sending my email

I created my personalize method with the servercontroller and the message is sent well just the problem is at the level of the message to send when I send the values ​​in the message I see the foreign key and not the labels then suddenly I want to see the labels and not the IDs of the referencers tables

the following screenshots give more information


what I want as a result

thank you so much

I'm not sure I understand fully what's the problem however if you are trying to use some lookup you will need both the key and some other string property if you want to display id/text.


I will try to explain more so that you can understand me in a first tone I have a form from this form I collect the information just for the site and status and priority and service concerned as illustrate I recover the ID but what I want it is the text and not the ID to display in the message


So how can I get the text and not the ID

Site: $ {event.IDSite}

Service concerned: $ {event.IDSE}

Status: $ {event.IDStatut}

Priority: $ {event.IDPriorite}

Here is an example of a lookup in form from Radzen CRUD pages:

getOrders() method used to populate the lookup will return both Id and UserName.


yes I already know what it is but when I try to do Site: $ {event.Libelle} it gives undefined and when I give $ {event.IDSite} I receive ID

You can use your browser devtools to debug the object to see what properties are available.


I already have ID and text,
but at the email level I just send ID and when sending the Text concerning ID I receive in the Site: UNDEFINED

As you can see from your own screenshot there is no such property on the object. I see however that there are such properties on two of your sub objects.


In site I have SITE1 and in PRIORITY I have Libelle and also for Status



As I said in my first reply:

Both properties should be part of the same collection. I'm afraid I cannot help any further - if you are looking for dedicated support you can find more info here:


what i think you misunderstood me


can you help me

Hi @Ricko,

This is the Radzen community forum and we try to help everybody. However in order to help we need to have a complete understanding of the question/problem. You didn't provide much information - you just listed your requirements as a screenshot and expect assistance. This won't work as we can't guess what your custom method is, what ${event.IDStatus} is or ${event.Libelle} or every other detail from your application.


now I have a form in which I enter information at the end I send a summary email with the data entered in the form

suddenly when I send the email I receive the ID and not the text

How I can do to send the text and not the ID

the following capture illustrates what I just said

what is received

do i want to receive

thanks you @korchev

@Ricko, you repeated what you have already said in this thread. This information is highly insufficient for us. We can't magically guess what you are trying to do based on a two screenshots. Unless you provide a complete explanation we can't help you further.


the email I receive in the test contains the IDs and not the text. how I can do to have the text and not the ID in the message I receive

I am afraid I can't help either. You do not provide any new information - you just repeat that the email contains the Id instead of the text. You never said how you send the email, what parameters you provide to that method. Basically whatever parameters you provide to the Execute custom method action the same values you will get. There is no code in Radzen that will convert Id to text - you have to add this code yourself depending on your requirements and database entities (which we don't know).