Consuming Rest Endpoints In existing radzen application

I was looking at the documentation about consuming rest endpoints on Consume REST service (Angular)
I have many rest services running on machines that I may want to consume into my existing radzen application which I built using an mssql database and I had radzen generate my crud pages so the site is running now.
So now I want to consume a few rest endpoints of mine into this existing application, do I and can I just add new data sources and create pages in that application, invoking and using these rest endpoint data sources?

Hi @BillP ,
You can do as per your link instructions or try the swagger option if available.
Alternatively, for simple API's you can likely manually code it easily using a custom method although grids etc are more difficult to build with this method.

  1. download a sample API JSON response.
  2. visit or similar and generate C# model classes
  3. create a custom method to get the API response and deserialize the JSON response to C# objects using JsonConvert.DeserializeObject<ApiRootObj>(jsonData)

I seem to recall @Benjamin_Fadina covers this method in one of the tutorials.