Consider a `DropDownBase<T>.SelectedTemplate` Property

I have been using the dropdown controls for your amazing library and they have been stellar. I have been able to make use of the DropDownBase<T>.Template property and have some pretty awesome selection items and the controls feel really great when choosing a selection, especially the RadzenDropDownDataGrid.

However, what I seem to be struggling with is the styling of the selected item of the control when an item has been selected. When an item is selected, I am wanting to apply a different template for that item so that it appears differently as the currently selected item in the control.

Note that this is the view when the control has a selected item, not when the dropdown/selection of items is visible, as so:

The above is using the DropDownBase<T>.Template property, but it also impacts the grid, overriding any Columns values that I have configured:

When I would like the grid to use the columns that I have defined instead:

Hope that helps clarifying what I am after here.

Having a property to do so, such as DropDownBase<T>.SelectedTemplate or DropDownBase<T>.SelectedItemTemplate would be very much appreciated in this regard.

Thank you for any consideration!

(Also, it would be nice to know if there is a feedback forum for voting such issues so I can post these types of questions there.)