Connecting to database with Radzen Studio

Hi there,

Radzen initiate here, just started learning how to use it. Very impressive.

I have an issue connecting to my database.

My MS SQL database is remote to me and all set up; it is accessible via Windows Auth. However, it was made accessible for a test account.

I have tested it from SSMS 19, logged in as "other user" using the test credentials.
Was able to get in, create a basic schema, create some tables and populate them.

I then did the same with Radzen Studio, started it up using the "run as other user" option, used the test credentials. Was able to access the database, build and run my Radzen app, make changes to the database (confirmed with SSMS). Again, everything looks really good.

What I can't do is run Radzen normally on my system using my credentials and connect to the database. I will connect to the database but obviously fail in my login attempt, since I am no longer the test account.

Is there a way to do this in the Radzen UI? Doesn't look that way. Could I then hack it after I build it, I dunno, editing the appsettings.json? Being a new user, there's too much I don't know about Radzen so thought I would ask here.

Another idea I had was that IT set up the database to support both Windows Auth (for the standard users) as well as SQL Auth (for remote developers such as myself) but do not know if they are willing. But that looks like an option that would work for development and is already in the UI, it would let me log in from my system while the original users continue to use Windows Auth.

Any comments welcome.

In my opinion this is the best approach.