Confirmation by email causing issues

Trying to use the Email confirmation with the smtp Gmail server, has been causing issues where my page goes completely blank.

You can check for exceptions or debug your app.

Thanks for the attention, but the debug window on chrome has absolutely no information, and the C# debugger also seems to have no issues.
Page does not stop loading, the debug console has absolutely no information in Chrome, even some backups are failing to run.
It seems to compile fine with no errors at all

We don`t have any idea what is causing this, it started after we tried to use the email confirmation system.

Any idea for a reason for this to happen? It seems completely random and nothing seems to fix it... Even backups seem to stop working

We are using the latest version of the app, 2.19.8, only backups from 6 days or older seem to work, other backups seem to be corrupted as soon as Radzen opens them. It seems either our version of Radzen is corrupting the files after some time, and any version of the project seems to fail after we work with the app for 5 hours.

Can you provide more info how Radzen is corrupting your files?

So let me write the seguence of events.

  1. I return to an old backup
  2. Everything works
  3. I make backups every 30 minutes.
  4. Somewhat randomly even if I did almost no changes to the project... it ceases to work.(See post above)
  5. After this point any backup I open will also not work. And any backup I opened in this computer will not work on other computers. BUT backups I did not open on this computer WILL work on other computers.

What are these backups? Your database? Your application source code? Can you clarify also how they do not work? You get errors in Radzen? Runtime?

Ok the backups are the whole Radzen project folder.
The errors are between either what you see above (on the second post) where there are no errors, but the page is just blank on the browser and loads forever, and never seems to stop taking resources from the CPU and nothing shows up on the browser debugging tools OR I get a error where radzen fails to use Angular.

Do you have client/node_modules in this application? This might cause problems if the modules are outdated - better remove it.

We have no custom modules or addons to the client folder. It's all generated by Radzen on that side. I went to the point of deleting the whole client folder just to test and still the issue remains the same.

If you want to check for yourself here's a link to the folder.

It seems that IF I use a backup that comes from Github, the version always works... but files already in the system seem to fail. When I download a zip file from Git, and extract it, it seems to always work. But folder backup always seems to fail after the main file fails.

If you do not have any custom code in client/server folders you do not need them in GitHub - just the meta folder is needed. I've checked your app and in my opinion you've made somewhere in your custom code endless redirect. I've cleaned the code that is executed on initial load and the application is loaded normally:

But I have custom code in Github, on the server folder, and EVERYTIME i restore from there it does run perfectly fine. Your explanation also fails to account for the old ones that already worked not working after the most recent one fails to work. Most of my custom code is only on Read,Update and some custom server methods that shouldn't run on start up.

Ok it just happened here again. My project ceased to work. And so did all projects on this computer. I even did the same you just did. Deleted all files except the Meta folder. And that still does not work. Uninstalled radzen, cleared the Appdata folder, and then tried again. With just the meta folder it still fails to open the project unless I download it from Github again.