Conditional Steps?

I'm trying to use the Steps container, to have the user walk through 5 steps. In order to proceed to next step, user must fill in required data on current step. There doesn't seem to be a good way of doing this. It just lets you jump around and there's no way to set if the next step is enabled.
I have tried instead handling the step change event, and if criteria are not met then setting a page property "step" back to the previous step index. The "step" property is bound to the SelectedIndex. My code is working, verified in Chrome debugger, but the Step control doesn't return to the previous step.
Am I doing something wrong? Is there a better way? Or is this not supported, and I should build a custom UX to handle this scenario?

This is indeed unexpected and got me scratching my head for quite some time. In the end it seems to happen because of how Angular works under the hood. In this case Angular will skip updating the component because from its point of view nothing changed - SelectedIndex was 0, the user tried to go to the next step (SelectedIndex = 1) but then you revert it back to 0 in the change event handler. Unfortunately there is no workaround for this behavior as it is correct according to Angular. If you have changed the SelectedIndex to some other value it would have worked.

I recognize the importance of this use case and we will allow controlling when certain steps are disabled. Will update this thread when this feature is implemented (probably with tomorrow's release).

Dude, if you can really get me something in the next few days, that would be... RAD. :smile:

The version that we released today exposes a new property of the Step - Disabled. You can try setting it based on your business logic.

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Woohoo! I'll try this out today. Thanks for turning that around so quickly. You're the best!

Great improvement. This makes the step container infinity more useful. Great addition and as always I love how active you guys are with enhancing and making the product better. Coming from the MS Lightswitch world I had to wait at best 6 months for bug fixes and new features were so slow to come it was a common joke in their forums.

I'm sure I can't be alone but I actually like seeing the update notification in Radzen lol. I instantly pull up the Changelog to see whats new.


I have taken advantage of this right now. It is in fact very helpful to create a "wizard-like" interface.

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