Computed value in datagrid

I did a simple calculation to display a RAF value on my interface. I used CellRender in DataGrid. Everything is OK!
I would like to know if DataGrid offers for example "CellSaveChange" to save in the database value RAF, because it is only rendered in my interface

<RadzenDataGrid AllowFiltering="true" AllowPaging="true" PageSize="15" AllowSorting="true" EditMode="DataGridEditMode.Single"
                    Data="@developers" TItem="Developer" CellRender="@CellRender" 
                    SelectionMode="DataGridSelectionMode.Single" @bind-Value=@selectedDeveloper>
     <RadzenDataGridColumn TItem="Developer" Property="RAF" Title="RAF">
                <Template Context="developers">



void CellRender(DataGridCellRenderEventArgs<Developer> args)
        args.Data.RAF = (int)Math.Floor((DateTime.Today - args.Data.DateSoldePr).TotalDays);

I would like to know if the value RAF can be save in database via datagrid radzen..
Thanks in advance

There is no such option in radzen datagrid.

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