Computed data column


I am using a REST data source and want to display a status icon in a grid data column.
Depending on a int value , to show a red, orange or green status image.
I tried to set a variable in the rowselect event, but then all rows change to the actual value:

different row:

Is is possible to add a computed column to the datasource or any other proposal ?


Hi Gerald,

In my opinion the best way to achieve this is to define Template for the column with your logic.

Best Regards,

Hi Vladimir,

I used a the column template and added a image control.
How can i add logic to the path proberty ?
Or do you mean some different template ?


You can have for example three images and show/hide them based on some value with expression for image Visible property.

Setting the Visible property to an expression is demonstrated here.

I tried to cascade the conditonal operator. (? : )
If i have just 2 values, then it works:

If i try to have more different values, i get an error message: