Composite columns header

Is there a way to accomplish the below? I only want the one header for the columns with two rows.

looked at the examples, but don't see how you can have less header rows than column rows?

This looks more like merged cells:

Is there a way to just add attributes directly in RadzenDataGridColumn?

colspan and rowspan specifically

so top row is header
rows 2 and 3 are data, could be 1 or 2 or 40 rows

within each row there is always exactly 2 rows for Stop#, Stop Type, Location Type etc.

is there a way to hard code it, it's not a variable number of rows like the example

The only possible way to achieve this is in the demo I’ve posted.

I would up doing it the old fashioned way...

Are there Raden equivalents to span and/or br tags?

As I already posted twice I’m afraid there is no other way.

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