Complex property hierarchy in the Property field of RadzenDataGridColumn


I want to display the serial number of an asset but it is at the bottom of a complex model.
Unfortunately, the value doesn't show up just a type of a wrong property.
The value of the property 'AssetMovementItemDto.AssetDto.FixedAssetDtos[0].SerialNumber'.
It display AssetDto type name with its namespace.

Can I use a collection in the RadzenDataGridColumn Property field, please?

Yes, you can use indexers. For example this demo is using Dictionary:

I didn't describe my problem well, sorry.
My RadzenDataGrid Data property is 'AssetMovementCreateDto.AssetMovementItemDtos'.
Its colums are:

  • Category (AssetMovementItemDto.AssetDto.AssetTypeDto. AssetCategoryDto.Title),
  • Type (AssetMovementItemDto.AssetDto.AssetTypeDto.Title),
  • Serial number (AssetMovementItemDto.AssetDto.FixedAssetDtos[0].SerialNumber),
  • etc.

I have problem with this column: Serial number (AssetMovementItemDto.AssetDto.FixedAssetDtos[0].SerialNumber).
FixedAssetDtos is a list and I want to get the serial number of itd first element but it doesn't work.

You can define your own template with desired expression:

Thank you. It works.