Compiler Errors with GitHub CRM Blazor Example

Hey guys, I'm new to this and liked the look of the CRM Blazor demo so I cloned the repo from GitHub, created the database and data in SQL Server 2016 using the scripts provided.

I imported the demo into the newly downloaded Radzen IDE and created the datasource and it all connected ok, I ran the demo and got many errors so I checked in VS2019 and could not get it to compile.

These are the errors I get.

Anyone have any idea what is causing this ?


Hey @henda,

I just tried the demo using latest Radzen and it compiled and worked normally:

Hey, thanks for taking the time to check.

I just deleted the entire local repo, left the db in place and tried again. This time it worked.

I did a bit of digging last night and had noticed many of the references to the datasource had been lost... for example if I looked at the Contacts page in the IDE it would show an error where the datagrid was as there was no reference to contacts. This applied to many other pages... I'm not sure how this happened as it was a fresh clone and install of the IDE, the only thing different is the database was already in place this time around.