Compare Validator on Register Application User page

I added the CompareValidator for the Password/Confirm Password fields to the Add Application User page and works as expected.
Did the exact same to the Register Application User page and it does not work.
How can I resolve this issue?

I also noticed that if I add the First and Last Name fields to the Register Application User that doesn't work either but does on the Add Application User page.
What/why is this page being difficult?

The reason why validators don't work in this page is technical. The ASP.NET Core Identity code for registering a new user does not work when called from Blazor code (it throws exceptions when trying to set cookies). The same goes for the login procedure itself. This is why Radzen generates different code for login and registration - the forms post to action methods of the AuthController instead of just invoking methods of a service. This unfortunately means that validators don't work - Blazor validation only works for Blazor forms and not for ones that post to actions.

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