Compact/Condensed Mode

I'm receiving a lot of feedback from my users that there is a lot of whitespace between elements on each page. I went into "Customize Theme" in order to modify various elements like "Border Radius" and border width settings. Are there some other easy changes I can make to give the pages more of a compact or "cozy" mode like you might see in Gmail?



Visual Studio Lightswitch had this feature, you could set the style to 'compact' on every component. Very useful, but you could end up with some wonky looking results sometimes when you mixed compact and normal elements on the same page.

The Radzen devs would probably have to make two versions of every component for every theme, and then make sure everything played nicely with each other. A lot of work, I wouldn't keep my fingers crossed...


One thing that will affect a lot of spacings is changing the global font-size (the default is 16px):

html {
  font-size: 14px;
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