Communication failures between Radzen Angular and SQL server


I ‘ve an Angular application on Radzen connected to SQL Server. On pages that contain data, the first time it is accessed it may take up to 10 seconds to display the information. Next, it usually goes very fast, almost instantaneous, even if the data changes. But after an indeterminate amount of time it happens again, 10 seconds again and it goes fast again. And so on constantly. It can go fine for 3 to 8 minutes and suddenly fail for 5 to 10 seconds.

I’ve reviewed servers, expanded capacities excessively, reviewed connections and I do not know what can happen, or why. I found nothing that fails in Angular, Net Core, or SQL Server.

Has anyone reported a bug of this type?

Thank you

César P.

Such problems are easy to debug since the data access is made using service. You can check your browser network tab to see how many items are requested and how much time it takes the service call to be executed. You can also use Rdzen output pane to check the SQL query that is executed.