Common issues

Three notes:
In row editing mode, blocks in different columns at different heights.
In the table header, some of the blocks are also offset in height.
This is clearly seen when the table is compressed horizontally.
Enter does not work in line edit mode. Ideally, the cursor should move to the next input field along the enter. If the former is all-league sloppiness, then the latter will interfere with use.

RadzenGrid. The selection of the active (by focus) button is not visible. You accidentally click on the enter and the line is deleted. Suddenly.
Unfilled input fields with validation or a sign of the requirement to fill in can be highlighted with a red border.

DialogService is weird
If you open a dialog box, then a strange behavior is observed - if you press Enter while the window is open, several dialog boxes open one on top of the other. After that, you need to end it or close the dialog several times, as many times as new windows have been opened. This behavior is reproduced on the Radzen demo site.

Hi @vadim_b,

Please, could you post a video on how reproduce it?

Thank you,

'Enter' 10 times - black background then 10 dialog opened and 10 layers created

This is caused since the focus is still on the button that opens the dialog. If you focus something else ENTER key press will not open another dialog.