Combobox bugs?


Page created with the wizard of data connection (not toolbox). Not touched by any customization, created and executed.

First problem: As you can see when opens the search area is not visible. After clicking on the last button and first button, closing the combo several times goes down

Second problem: as you can see it reports two pages each one of 5 items so I expect to have 10 items in my table. Click on number 2 and I see the seconds five

But the table has 14 item, in fact if I click the last button I see the last 4th and now the number page 3 appears magically

Just updated all packages with nuget, the problem still exists.

Best regards
Best regards

Works normally on my end using our sample database:

If you have Radzen Professional or Enterprise subscription you can send us your application at to check it.

You tried on popup edit form, mine was not popup may be that. Third row of form. I am in evaluation period, before acquiring a paid licence I want to be sure radzen if form me. Thanks