ColorPicker Value bind to rgba value ignores alpha

I am trying to use the ColorPicker to bind to an rgba string, but the color picker ignores the alpha value.

<RadzenColorPicker Value="@GetRgbaColor(config)"  ShowRGBA="true" Change="((e) => ColorStringValueChanged(e, config))" />

value being returned from GetRgbaColor is "rgba(244, 111, 222, 0.5)"


using v3.6.2

As a follow up, it appears to bind correctly to the icon view, as it changes color correctly as I adjust the alpha value, it does not show correctly in the pop-up window.

Hi @Michael_Combs ,

That's definitely a bug. We will fix it with the next release of Radzen.Blazor.


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Can confirm this is working as of at least 3.7.1, thanks for your help!