ColorPicker Error RZ9991

I'm sure I am over looking something, but trying to use the ColorPicker and setting the @bind-Value="@color" I am getting the following error:

Severity Code Description Project File Line Suppression State
Error RZ9991 The attribute names could not be inferred from bind attribute 'bind-value'. Bind attributes should be of the form 'bind' or 'bind-value' along with their corresponding optional parameters like 'bind-value:event', 'bind:format' etc.

Fore reference I am using Radzen.Blazor v2.15.12

Hi @tbredweb,

I recommend checking our demo which uses a similar configuration.

<RadzenColorPicker @bind-Value=@color ShowHSV=@showHSV ShowRGBA=@showRGBA ShowColors=@showColors ShowButton=@showButton Change=@OnChange />

Upgrading to version 2.18.16 resolved the issue.