Color in Schedule

This is more for a tip for new versions)
It would be nice if you could set the colors of the agenda items.
For example, I would have two types of activities, one of "maintenance" and another of "creation" and I wanted the maintenance to have the color yellow and the creation with the color blue.

Indeed this could be useful. I am logging a feature request to implement event templates and set their color.

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Is it now possible to color code Scheduler events? Say I have a field with text "A" color blue or text "B" color red.

Yes, it is possible. Use the EventInit event. The event argument contains the original data item as ${}. You can also set text and background color via ${event.textColor = 'red'} and ${event.backgroundColor = 'green'}.

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thanks for the info Atanas. But is it also possible to set different colors per record individually? If so - how?

sorry, I've figured it out now. To color each record individually you need to execute code and set
${event.backgroundColor} = ${[the column name of your query that holds a color value] }