Collapsed Panel seems to block elements below it

I have a sample here, but I cannot seem to upload it to the forum.
It is a zip with a size of 1,3 MB ... and I get an error from the forum 'Sorry, that file is too big (maximum size is 4096kb)'.

Get it from here:

  • start it
  • switch between the tabs in the tab-container, smooooooth
  • collapse the panel
  • switch between the tab... wtf ... you can still click on the tabs if you hit some invisible narrow horizontal line in the upper half of it, the rest is just not reacting to your cursor, firefox's inspector makes me think the textboxes in the panel are somehow invisible but still 'layered' above the tabs

Please zip only the meta folder if you want to upload it here. I'll check your app and I'll let you know what's going on.

In this case my zip has a size of 2kb.
But it's still too big :frowning:

I'll check our forum settings. The issue with the panel is confirmed, we will do our best to release fix later today or tomorrow.

Something did change, I now can upload the ~2kb file, but the first one ~1.3mb is still not working (1.8 KB)

The issue is already fixed and we are about to publish new release.

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