Codebase Questions

What version of .net core and Angular is the newest release?
Is there a Search Box on the Grid control to search all the data?
Can you move the "ADD" button on the Grid control?


The .NET Core version for Angular projects is 2.2 - the reason for this can be found in this thread:

It will be upgraded once Microsoft release stable OData for .NET Core 3.x. - most probably in the next months.

There is no search box out-of-the-box for the DataGrid component however you can create such functionality in few clicks.

The built-in Add button for the DataGrid cannot be moved however you can set AllowAdd to false and place external button with same functionality anywhere you want.


I've just realized that Microsoft finally managed to release official OData for .NET Core 3.1. We will upgrade our Angular projects immediately - the Oracle data source however will stay on 2.2 until they release .NET Core 3.1 compatible version. The new version of Radzen is expected next week.