Code generation on each keystroke

I notice that RadZen regenerates code on each keystroke while editing a property value for example.

There are some side effects when you are renaming properties or setting the name of new properties where the first part of the property name might be the same as another property name causing a popup warning and it becomes awkward to edit the property name.

Is there a reason why this needs to happen so often? Would it not be better to do it on IDE blur events or even on demand?

Radzen shouldn't be generating code on every key stroke. How can we reproduce the described behavior? What property are you editing? Code is generated in two conditions:

  1. The user runs the application
  2. The application is running and the user makes changes.

I edited the "Name" property of a "Label" control on a standard generated edit screen while the application was running and noticed this behavior.

When I stop the application this behavior stops so it appears that it only happens while running the application.


Confirmed. We will address that with the next Radzen release.

Just released update with fix for this.