Code generation ignore list not working

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If you remember I asked a question about "Using the global resource file instead of the page resources". @ggrewe gave a great idea to use the global resource with a shared project.

If we can add some files to the ignore list we don't need a shared project approach.

In my scenario, a resource file does create by VS. But when Radzen creates code the resx files are deleting. So if we can add these resx files to the code generation ignore list then the global resource files can use for each Radzen page. But I can't succeed in ignoring the files. When I add the files to the code generation ignore list nothing happens. When I checked out the .gitignore file I saw it was 0 byte. I added the files manually to the .gitignore file still nothing happened. I tried an additional folder. The result didn't change.

Can you suggest me something?
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I am afraid I don't understand much from this post. All that I can tell is that the .gitignore file has nothing to do with Radzen's code generation ignore list.

Hi @korchev,

I'm sorry misunderstanding. I had tried to add the behind scene. But this maybe was unnecessary.

Problem is that. I'm creating resx files from VS. But Radzen deleted these files every run. I tried to add these files to the ignore list but it's not worked for me. I created a separate folder and if this folder has resx files Radzen also deleted this folder with the files and Radzen's ignore list is not worked for me one more time.

I used all the following syntaxes:

Could you suggest anything for this case?
Thanks for your support

I checked the implementation - Radzen deletes the resx files if localization is disabled (to handle the case where localization is disabled after being enabled). Try adding one culture in the application settings. Then resx files won't be touched.

Hi @korchev,

Thank you for this information.

But in this case project will has many unnecessary resx files for each pages. I'm trying to implement more basic multi language capability for Radzen project. This will be working manualy (Radzen won't create resx files) but will be use only one resx file set. Radzen's multi-language senario is not very efficient to share language resourses. In Radzen senario the same word must define again and again for each pages.

Could you think to add a tweak for this in the next releases? The ignore files are good enough for this tweak for me. What do you think?


No, this isn't something that we plan to add - we have quite a lot on our plate already. You can however delete all resx files generated by Radzen and add them to the code generation ignore list so it won't create them again (you still have to set a default culture in Radzen though).

This is right. Actually, this is the same thing as mine but the opposite. It'll works.