Clunky RestApi integration

Looking for some high level direction, I'm new to Radzen though I've played around with it quite a bit at this point.

I'm working with a clunky Rest API that involves sending login creds in a Post body in Json format then getting a session token back in json format. If the session token is over 60 seconds old you need to refresh it. I've written the code to handle this but I'm not sure how to best get this into a mssql table and keep it synchronized. Can I write a custom Rest Implementation for Radzen to handle this and add it is a data source like any other? Should I manually create the mssql table and my own database updating service with an onchange type of event? This would involve pulling all transactions into an in-memory DB then synchronizing to MSSQL table any new transactions or changes.

For context here is the python API I'm working with I have ported it to C#:

End goal is pretty simple. I'm looking to pull transactions and add other columns such as personal notes that I can update in a CRUD page. Any user should be able to add their login credentials to 3rd party Tastyworks, which I can extend the application user to support. Any input would be appreciated.

You can probably use the partial methods which Radzen generates and add the authentication code there.

I'll give it a shot.