Close Dropdown Datagrid dialog using button in header template

Essentially I have a dropdown datagrid that allows users to search with data that is dynamically filled in from a database using virtualization. Once the data is listed then the user can multi-select using checkboxes. Then the user clicks a button in the header template to add the selected data to a separate list. All of this works except I can't seem to get the drop down to close. I have tried clearing out all of the data and data points like count but the dropdown stays open. Below is the code I am using to call the function to add the data to the list. I would like to add some type of reference to this call to close the drop down when I have populated my list.

	<RadzenButton Icon="save_alt" ButtonStyle="ButtonStyle.Light" Size="ButtonSize.Small" Click="AddAccountsToList"></RadzenButton>

You can try await JSRuntime.InvokeVoidAsync("Radzen.closeAllPopups").

That worked to close the popup but now the filter keeps the value stored in the background. If the user tries to search the same value the filter change doesn't fire. Is there a way to get the popup reference? I have tried to use the Reset() method but it causes the UI to crash.

Here is a little more information on how I am using the dropdowndatagrid. I am using it to allow users to search for account information through the virtualization functionality. And allows them to select multiple values once the data is return from the database. I am using an IEnumerable to store the multiple values. Once the user select the values they click a button, see original post, to move the selected list to a separate list in the UI. Once this happens I want to fully reset the dropdowndatagrid. I have this functionality working in a single select dropdowndatagrid. It seems with the multiple select the Reset() method is causing an error. I have captured the error and posted it below.

System.ArgumentNullException: Value cannot be null. (Parameter 'source')
   at System.Linq.ThrowHelper.ThrowArgumentNullException(ExceptionArgument argument)
   at System.Linq.Enumerable.Count[TSource](IEnumerable`1 source)
   at GuidelineServer.Pages.ChangeRequestDetail.<BuildRenderTree>b__184_29(RenderTreeBuilder __builder3)
   at Radzen.Blazor.RadzenDataGridHeaderCell`1.BuildRenderTree(RenderTreeBuilder __builder)
   at Microsoft.AspNetCore.Components.ComponentBase.<.ctor>b__6_0(RenderTreeBuilder builder)
   at Microsoft.AspNetCore.Components.Rendering.ComponentState.RenderIntoBatch(RenderBatchBuilder batchBuilder, RenderFragment renderFragment, Exception& renderFragmentException)