Click event still allow when directive disable is set to true

I created a test with a button disable set to true with an alert or console, but when I click on the button, the click event still happen.

We will fix it for the next release (early next week).

We may have spoken too soon as I can't seem to reproduce the problem in the attached application. Are you doing something different? (4.5 KB)

I am basically trying to prevent double form submission. I created a TemplateForm and on the form, there is a submit button. On page load, I set my property 'isDisabled' to false and when the click event handler fire, it will set the property 'isDisabled' to true. On the Disable setting of the button, I put ${isDisabled}. So I do a little test by going to the button setting and set Disable to true and have the click event to do an alert('Hello'), and it will display me the message hello.

Thanks! Now we reproduced it.

Any update status on the fix?

Unfortunately the release was delayed, still we will be ready very soon. I’ll let you know immediately when the fix is out!

Radzen 2.18.0 was just released!