Clear dropdown filter

i have several dropdown filter in my application. Each of them is working well. But choosing the second filter, the value from the first filter is still there. There is an x in the filter, with i can clear it manually. Is there a possibility to clear all other filters automaticaly when using on of them?
Thanks for your help!

Hi @denise,

You can try setting the page properties to which those dropdowns are data-bound.


These are two of my filters. When I choose the second one, I want the first one to become empty.


I tried in the event from the second filter to clear the filter from the first one. But it isn't working.


The same function, as when I click the x manually.

What is dropdown1? This looks as the dropdown component instance and not the page property which its Value property is set to.

dropdown1 is the name of the first dropdown filter. When I make a selection in the second dropdown filter, I want to clear the first one. In my example, when I choose "tricolor", the "m" in filter one should be cleared. The same function, as when I click the "x" manually.

You cannot clear a dropdown like you are doing. You need to use a page property, set the Value property of the dropdown to that property and set the property in the change event. I suggest checking the properties help article.