CKeditor implementation /or any other HTML editor

With respect to CKeditor implementation

I tried to implement CKeditor in my application. The control displays the data properly but saving does not work.

<ckeditor [(ngModel)]="bmjoblist && bmjoblist.BM_DESCRIPTION" [editor]="Editor">

any suggestions? Is there somebody who implemented any HTML Editor in radzen successfully !!!! and can share the solution steps .

Maybe the expression should be (ngModel)]="bmjoblist.BM_DESCRIPTION" only.

I did try that originally and it did not work.
The only reason I put "bmjoblist && bmjoblist.BM_DESCRIPTION" is that was from the code generated by Radzen

Can you post more info where is this code in the application? Radzen will not generate such code for Angular model binding. I suggest you to make it work with simple textarea and then replace it with your editor.

We have a demo application with the PrimeNG editor. Other users have successfully implemented CKEditor too.

Here are the steps needed to use the PrimeNG editor.

  1. Install quill (needed by the PrimeNG editor) - npm install --save quill
  2. Import the files
  3. Register the module
  4. Include its CSS files.

Then you can use it like this:

<p-editor [(ngModel)]="editorValue" [style]="{'height': '200px'}"></p-editor>
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