Checkboxlist options

I'm trying to use the checkboxlist component with 7 options (1 for each day of the week). Is it possible to pick up which of the 7 options are selected as a Condition for the "Change" event handler's "Set property" event type. I'm trying to (for example) set a page propert to a specific value if Monday's checkbox is selected and a different value for if Tuesday's checkbox is selected.

Hi @markb,

The Change event of the CheckBoxList provides the current value in its event argument. Which is an array of the Value of the options. You can use ${event.indexOf('Monday') >= 0} in the condition. By the way don't you need RadioButtonList instead? The CheckBoxList support multiple value selection whereas the RadioButtonList - only a single one. It looks better suited for choosing the day of the week.


That works a treat :smile: In terms of controls I'm using the CheckBoxList as, for this scenario, I want the user to select one or multiple days so, the CheckBoxList is the correct control in this instance.

Many thanks!