Checkbox label alignment

What is the trick to make the labels align to the right of the checkbox:


I have both the checkbox and the label in the same column.

Make sure the column width is enough to accommodate both the checkbox and label. They look wrapped right now. Here is how it should look like when the column is big enough:

Even with full width column (12) its still wrapped label is assigned to the checkbox component:

label properties (default):

Checkbox properties (default):

Placement of label before or after checkbox still wraps.

I'm on Radzen 2.61.4

What theme are you using? My screenshot is from the default theme.

Now on Radzen 2.61.5.

I found the issue, it's the 100% width applied to the label. I used the crud page generator to start with.

Removing the width puts the label where it should be:

Theme is set to Humanistic.

The Width was definitely the issue - it causes the Label to occupy all available space thus wrapping on a new line.

Default label when placed does not have the width specified, it was specified (default) when the crud page was generated.

Yes, labels in CRUD pages have their width set to 100%. If you don't need it you can remove it.