Chart tooltip positioning

Is there a way for me to set the tooltip position on the tooltips that appear when hovering over data points on a RadzenChart, specifically a RadzenLineSeries chart? The default position is above the data point, but this is causing the tooltip to render off screen in the current page layout. I'd prefer to keep the layout as is. Below is the markup for the chart:

    <RadzenLineSeries Smooth="false"
        <TooltipTemplate Context="data">
            Amount: @(data.Amount?.ToString("#,##0.####") ?? "Unknown")
            <RadzenMarkers MarkerType="MarkerType.Circle" />
    <RadzenLegend Position="LegendPosition.Top"/>
    <RadzenCategoryAxis >
        <RadzenAxisTitle Text="Date" />
        <RadzenGridLines Visible="true" />
        <RadzenAxisTitle Text="Amounts" />

Hi @sds_ibriggs,

No, currently there is no way to change the position of the Chart tooltip. Ideally it should adjust itself automatically to never go offscreen. We will probably implement that for a future release.

That's unfortunate. Is there a way for me to hook into the event that creates the tooltip so that I can override it with my own implementation?

You can check the source code for any clues.

I have the exact same question two years later. I was unable to locate any clues to position the Chart ToolTip, but the normal ToolTip does support positioning.

Have there been any changes/breakthroughs/work-arouns to allow for custom tooltip positioning using RadzenChart?