Changing Record on Same Page

I have a setup where different files are cross referenced to each other. So File A can be listed as a cross reference for File B. I want to be able to click a button when I'm in file A and it loads the same page but now with file B. It was working previously with the below code, but it's not working any longer. So when I click the button to run these lines, the url appears correctly, but the File it should be showing does not, it stays on the current file. If I hit f5, then it loads the correct file. Do I have to do something else to the page to do a reload/refresh through code?


The NavigateTo method does not navigate if the URL remains the same. You can try using the second parameter to force reload:

UriHelper.NavigateTo($"edit-claim/{strXRefClaimID}", /* force reload */ true);
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Worked beautifully. Thanks.

What is the effect of a reload on Globals?
Will they be reset? Can I avoid this?

Hi @dirk.rober,

Yes, force-reloading a the page will reset the globals of the application. There isn't a way to avoid that.

Thanks for your prompt answer!

But then suggested solution for the above problem (calling the same page with different arguments from a page) is no real solution for me.

I need to study the samples.