Changing application icon

I have replaced the icon in wwwroot of my application and it keeps changing it back to the default. I even tried changing it using visual studio and it keeps going back to the default. How can I change this icon. Is there a default ico size or something that keeps reverting it or do I need to change something else...any help is appreciated.

I've tried that using latest version of Radzen and the icon is not replaced:

I am not able to get that to work.

then changed icon (exact same icon type as the default)

then build

icon did not change

I even created a brand new application and only let Radzen create it's default crud pages, nothing else and then changed icon and no change in application.

Try to refresh your browser using CTRL+F5

Thank you, that worked, I just want to be sure that when I publish the application I won't have the same issue.

There is no such issue, the icon is copied only once and can be replaced.

Thank You for your help!