Changing a column's name in DB erases is from the Radzen IDE

Hi. I've noticed that if I rename a table column via Management Studio, no amount of "Infer Schema" will make the Radzen IDE find the column with the new name. The only thing that seems to work is completely removing the data source, all the pages, the security, and re-adding them. Basically, start from scratch. As you can imagine, not the ideal scenario.

To reproduce:

  1. Create new app.
  2. Create a table in a MSSQL database.
  3. Add the MSSQL data source, inferring the schema and creating CRUD pages.
  4. Change the name of a column in Management Studio.
  5. Go back to the database and "infer the schema", overwriting the CRUD pages.

Expected Result:
The renamed field is where the old field used to be.

Actual Result:
The field will now disappear from the forms, as if the column never existed. Nothing I could do would bring it back. It's as if it's invisible to Radzen.

As you can imagine, this is not great for prototyping, where things are changing quickly.

Hey @fellowshipdevs,

We cannot replace the old column reference with the new column since we don’t know which column is changed. What we know is only the latest state.

Agreed. The problem is that it's like the column disappears: the IDE will not recognize this renamed column at all. They are not added to the auto-generated model. It's like it doesnt exist.

I wouldn't expect the system to automatically know when I've renamed a column, and adjust all pages/references. But I would expect that it would recognize the field with the new name when I infer the schema, just as it did when I first inferred the schema the first time.

If the system at least recognized the renamed field, it would allow me to manually change all the references in the pages, no problem.