Change selected value of DropDown from code behind

I have a form with a RadzenDropDown with an object list bound to it.

The idea is a user can search that drop down to select a value (normal usage, works fine)

OR they can add a new object via a button.

When they click the add button, I create the new object and set the property of the main object to the Id of this new object, all is well functionally.

What I'd like to do it refresh the RadzenDropDown with the latest list (as it was plus the new object just created) and then select that new value so the user sees what they have selected (they 'selected' it by creating a new one).

Basically 're loading' the dropdown I think would do it, don't see a reload method like exists for a datagrid...

Any direction appreciated.

In Blazor this can be done with two way binding - i.e @bind-Value=someVariable. Every change no matter in the variable or in the component will be synced.