Change Selected Order Status with a Split Button

Hi Guys. I'm Trying to Set/Change a Selected Orders Status with a Split Button, any Pointers.


You can handle RowSelect event of the DataGrid to defined a Page property representing selected row and get the clicked item using Click event of the SplitButton.

I'm Trying to change the StatusId from 1 to 2 in the selected line, with the split button, or Change the Current Order from Draft to Pending.(Id 1, to Id 2) rather than doing it from the edit menu.


I'm Still having trouble with this one.


Have you tried my suggestion?

Yes, as far as I can tell.

What did not worked? Can you post a screenshot from Radzen with DataGrid RowSelect event and SplitButton Click?

Here's the current version, The .ID was corrected.


I don't see where you've set Page property on RowSelect - you need something like this:

here is also how to execute different actions from SplitButton Click:

The result

Here is what I have, (not working), seems like I'm still missing something.


I'm not seeing how this is getting the Value (2) from the Split Button Items Value.