Change PageSize won't expand the grid

I have a grid that I fill using an IQueryable.
I also have a dropdown to change how many row are shown at the time. It however only removes the bar with the step to the next/previous page there are the same amount of rows showing.

Is there a trick to getting all the rows to show when changing the pagesize?
I have made a ref="testGrid" and tried testGrid.reload() after calling the database but it doesn't change anything.

Reload() method worked for me on our demo:

@page "/datagrid"

@using NorthwindBlazor.Data
@using NorthwindBlazor.Models.Northwind
@using Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore

@inject NorthwindContext dbContext

    <RadzenExample Name="DataGrid">
        <RadzenDropDown @bind-Value="pageSize" Data="@(new List<int>() { 1, 2, 3 })" Style="margin-bottom: 20px" Change="@Change" />
        <RadzenGrid @ref="grid" AllowFiltering="true" AllowPaging="true" PageSize="@pageSize"
                    AllowSorting="true" Data="@employees" TItem="Employee" ColumnWidth="200px">
                <RadzenGridColumn TItem="Employee" Property="EmployeeID" Title="Employee ID" />
                <RadzenGridColumn TItem="Employee" Property="Photo" Title="Photo" Sortable="false" Filterable="false">
                    <Template Context="data">
                        <RadzenImage Path="@data?.Photo" />
                <RadzenGridColumn TItem="Employee" Property="LastName" Title="Last Name" />
                <RadzenGridColumn TItem="Employee" Property="FirstName" Title="First Name" />
                <RadzenGridColumn TItem="Employee" Property="Title" Title="Title" />
                <RadzenGridColumn TItem="Employee" Property="TitleOfCourtesy" Title="Title Of Courtesy" />
                <RadzenGridColumn TItem="Employee" Property="BirthDate" Title="Birth Date">
                    <Template Context="data">
                        @String.Format("{0:d}", data.BirthDate)
                <RadzenGridColumn TItem="Employee" Property="HireDate" Title="Hire Date">
                    <Template Context="data">
                        @String.Format("{0:d}", data.HireDate)
                <RadzenGridColumn TItem="Employee" Property="Address" Title="Address" />
                <RadzenGridColumn TItem="Employee" Property="City" Title="City" />
                <RadzenGridColumn TItem="Employee" Property="Region" Title="Region" />
                <RadzenGridColumn TItem="Employee" Property="PostalCode" Title="Postal Code" />
                <RadzenGridColumn TItem="Employee" Property="Country" Title="Country" />
                <RadzenGridColumn TItem="Employee" Property="HomePhone" Title="Home Phone" />
                <RadzenGridColumn TItem="Employee" Property="Extension" Title="Extension" />
                <RadzenGridColumn TItem="Employee" Property="Notes" Title="Notes" />
@code {
    int pageSize = 1;
    IEnumerable<Employee> employees;
    RadzenGrid<Employee> grid;

    protected override void OnInitialized()
        employees = dbContext.Employees.ToList();
    void Change(object value)


If you change .ToList to .Select(x => x); Does that still work?

Thanks much @enchev ! I ran into the same issue and your solution works. It's a little strange that you have to call Reload manually. One would think that page change should take care of it automatically.

Also, I don't see any description of what "Change" is for in this documentation: DataGrid (Blazor)

Anyway, instead doing Change="@(args => dataGridRef.Reload())" , one can just do PageSizeChanged="@(args => dataGridRef.Reload())" . The difference is that I don't know what "Change" is for but I can guess what "PageSizeChanged" is for.

Change event is in the DropDown component, not the DataGrid. Check the code in my previous reply.

Thank you very much for explaining!