Change event not firing in DropDownDataGrid

I have RadzenDropDownDataGrid and RadzenDropDown on the same page. Both show data just fine, both have the same signature for the Change event:
Change="@(args => Change(args, "test"))"

void Change(object value, string name)

The difference is that DropDown fires the event when selection changes, but DropDownDataGrid does not. What could be the issue?

Seems to be firing as expected in our online demo. You can compare your code with it.

Well, I took the example and attached it to the stock Blazor WebAssembly project. Data is showing up normally, but the event is not firing, i.e console output is empty and breakpoint is not hit. I use Chrome and cleared the cache for the testing. Please find attached code for the page (760 Bytes)

Additional information:

Difference #1:
The difference between example provided here: ""
and my example attached to this message is that Radzen example uses
src="js/blazor.server.js" (Blazor Server)
and I am using webassembly

Difference #2
I click on "x" (delete), the event is firing and the first argument is predictably null.
In Radzen example the even is firing when item is selected, in my example it does not, no matter which column I am using to select the item.

I can't figure out the difference between the Radzen example and the code that I have, almost all of it had been copied from the example. The sample project is attached to this message.
Any help / advice will be greatly (218.0 KB)

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I'm having the same issue with Radzen Blazor Studio WebAssembly project. The change event of a RadzenDropDown is not firing. I even isolated in another page to see if it works but no. I have in the same page a RadzenTextBox with oninput event which works fine.

I switched to debug in Edge and it worked. Just that!