Cascading Dropdown with datagrid

I am using cascading dropdown to filter my datagrid. But when I also use the built in filter in the grid it clears the filter when the RowSelect event is fired. How can I avoid that?

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Let me show an example:

If I filter in the datagrid

And afterwards click on the row the datagrid clears the filter in the datagrid

Is it a bug or how do I to keep the filter?

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After RowSelect:

You can bind the selected items like in this demo:

I think you misunderstand me.

I only want to select the one with codeid 26. When I click on it it clears the filter and selects both codeid 26 and the first row in the grid.

Binding the DataGrid Value property will preserve the selection no matter if single or multiple.

No I don't think that is it.

Here an example with drop down and grid - filter is reset on row click:

Here is one with no cascading - filter is not reset on row click:

I'm afraid that I cannot tell what's going on just by looking at a screenshot. You can open the project in Visual Studio to debug your code or you can send us an example application where we can debug the problem. If you bind the DataGrid Value on our demo for Cascading DropDowns the selected item is preserved:

Hi. It's been a while. I have been involved in another project.
As you asked for I have made an example you can download. It is based on one of your demos, thank you:

Here is what I see in your app:

That is correct: You set the filter to 40 and when you click on the row you loose the filter setting.

What I want is to keep the filtered value 40 until I clear it

Thank you