Can't see properties for newly created model

Can't bind the properties for data columns from manually created model object. Is there anyway to bind new model property to the data column for the grid?

Will you post some example code?

Here in below I selected OrderListHeader[] custom model with properties in it.
when I go to add the column and there were no properties shown to the property attribute in below

here is how i added the custom model to the page properties list

and it generates code like below
IEnumerable<Oeportal.Models.Oeportal.OrderListHeader> _OrderList;
protected IEnumerable<Oeportal.Models.Oeportal.OrderListHeader> OrderList
return _OrderList;
if (!object.Equals(_OrderList, value))
var args = new PropertyChangedEventArgs(){ Name = "OrderList", NewValue = value, OldValue = _OrderList };
_OrderList = value;
My Question: why I'm not able to select the property for the column in grid and why it is not showing properties list for custom model? Please help me if any other way to do it

Only properties available in the meta json will be listed. For additional properties columns you can type and add the property name in the column Property editor.

Gotcha! Thank you for the answer.