Can't get rid of Row border

Hello Radzen Team!

Just try it yourself, add a nice looking border to your row and then try to remove it.

Looks fine to me.

My apologies, I had to run off home yesterday and didn't provide enough info.

In my app here's how the row border looks like:

Try doing the following:

  1. Add a new row.
  2. In the Border property:
    2.1. Select 'Bottom border'
    2.2. Select 'Solid line'
    2.3. Select 'All borders'
  • Step 2.3 is not mandatory, as it also happens automatically (Radzen sets it for you when you leave the page)

From this point on, the Size property has 3 values, yet none of them work.
Also, clicking the different Styles might or might not work and the changes don't stick (go to another page and return to the row page).

The only way to fix this state is by selecting 'Bottom border' again.

Tell me if you manage to reproduce this problem.

I see what you mean. The border setting shows the computed value which is 0px 0px 1px. However it does not correctly support editing such values. We will try to address that with the next Radzen release.

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