Can't data binding other properties of FileInput than Value

If I select an image using FileInput, the image preview(Value), file name and file size will all display in the preview area. However, if I use @bind-Value to pass the image data from outside, only the image preview can display. Other information, e.g. file name, size, will be missing and show blank. Actually this is exactly what's seen when I access Blazor File input component with preview support ( The online demo shows image only.

Would it be possible to solve this by exposing file name and file size properties and let the consuming component data bind to them?

Indeed name and size can be read only when a file is selected from file input - if you just provide the value they will not be set. We will expose them as properties with our next update.

When a file is selected manually then yes name and size should be read-only. And in a data binding scenario, they need to set from data source.

Tried with the latest code. Now clicking the 'remove' button will only clear the file name and size. The preview and the 'remove' button itself still remain.

I'm afraid that I cannot reproduce such problem:

Feel free to submit pull request if you think there is a bug and you have a fix.

It works fine without data binding. But if using @bind-FileName and @bind-FileSize, the bug will repro.