Cannot retrieve data from AWS hosted Postgres

I run a Win 2012 Server on Amazon EC2 instance. There is installed a Postgres 10. I have an access to the DB at least from PgAdmin but all ports except 5432 are closed. .NET Core 2 is also installed both on my machine and on the server.
I can create data source and retrieve the schema with all tables and dependencies, but not the data in the application. I cannot neither attach the connection log nor post it here.

Also, when I tryed to run radzen on the server it required a connection to external sources to download some additional packages, why is that?

UPDATE: after moving the DB to my machine the data are unavailable too…


Do you have any errors? More info about how to check for client/server exceptions can be found in this article:


That was easy: developer tool in my browser showed the details of a bad request. It was an inconsistency in the DB. Now it works.

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